Learning 3d modelling all over again

With the scene all cleared up now I made a first attempt to move it over to Blender. It’s blistering fast so far, but I have to re-learn everything I learned in the last years about how to handle the modelling software.

Things I had to re-learn today included:
– How to navigate through a large scene (tracks are large environments in 3d modelling terms). There are two key toggles to tag in the User Preferences: Auto Depth (which means zooming about won’t arbitrarily slow down or stop because the point of reference needs to be moved as well) and Zoom to Mouse Position (which, uhm, allows you to point at something and zoom there)
– How to export only the object currently selected instead of the whole scene
– How to select more than one object (yeah, Blender does it in a not very intuitive way, but it is still quick, so I can hardly complain)