Clean-up on all aisles

Le Mans is still getting cleaned up. The up and downsides of even just considering switching modelling software are that you have to really clean up everything before moving all the meshes over. It’s a downside because it takes a ton of time and there is no immediate progress on the track itself. It’s important and useful work, but there aren’t any new objects or updated surfaces on the track because of it.

It’s an upside because it cleans up the scene, making it faster to work with and easier to maintain. It also makes you spot inconsistencies that weren’t of high relevance before – because the modelling software and the engine don’t throw fatal errors. It allowed me to – or ended up coinciding with – a separate pass through the materials to see if they’re still in use or can be dropped (making the scene even cleaner).

As far as I can currently tell, there’s only a bunch of objects with isolated vertices left to clean up, then the first complete try to move the meshes can take place in earnest. Isolated vertices (ones that aren’t connected to anything else) can happen when you’re attaching/detaching objects or cutting them up a lot, which is something that has happened a lot during the development time the track has seen so far.