Some housekeeping needed

The last few days have been largely been about housekeeping the project for me. The current Le Mans version now has issue tracking, which currently is more of a stuff-yet-to-do-tracking tool. 😉

MHansen has contributed work to the track by building the timing tower at the end of pitlane. It is great to not be the only one working on such a huge project.

Sadly, I also experienced a lot of full scene crashes lately. Correlated to this, I’ve been seeing issues with the hard drive I have all the Le Mans data on. No worries, I have backups, and so far nothing has been lost.
However, I’ve chosen to order a new disk and replace the old one before I run into more serious trouble. So now I’m spending my free time after work by archiving and moving the relevant files. Not much progress on the track, just unsexy but necessary work.