2014 track visits: Zolder

My second to last track visit in 2014 was a spontaneous decision, despite it having been on the plan since the beginning of the year: The Blancpain GT Series race at Zolder.
It was sandwiched between the last VLN race of the season (and the last race I could reasonably attend in 2014) and the VLN race I helped organize. After having spent two days at the Nürburgring the week before, I had mentally set aside the weekend for a bit of a break and relaxation.

In the end we decided to go late on saturday evening when the weather report was looking absolutely fabulous, 20°C and sunshine in mid-October.

Zolder sun
An Audi R8 LMS before the second chicane

For the Nordschleife and Spa I’d recommend going there, even if it meant a 20 hour plane ride first. I can’t quite say the same about Zolder, but it is a very, very nice track in its own right. It has a very rustic pit building and main “grandstand” that both outright emanate history. The view into the first and second corner is fantastic and the speeds the GT cars carry through T1 are great to watch. The chicane on the backstraight makes for some nice action, and the whole section after that through the forest-y area has a great natural atmosphere.

There are quite some great viewing places, and I’ve only seen the chciane on the backstraight be a bit overcrowded. I particularly enjoyed the view of the hill after the first chicane and the run-up to the second chicane, where I took the above photo.

I’m unsure if we’re just lucky having so many great tracks in a fairly small area of the world, or if I might just enjoy race tracks with whatever quirks they have. And I still have some tracks to visit. In 2015 I’d love to finally visit Hockenheim (although honestly I’m not holding my breath on that one) or make a slightly longer trip to the Sachsenring (which I actually am rather enthusiastic about). Perhaps Le Mans is a possibility. It would be fitting and very helpful for recreating the track in rF2.