Beta #2

Just a quick post to give you the link to the current version of the track:

Vastly improved from over a year ago, but still far from what I wish it would be. I hope to have some time to elaborate in the next few days. I just zipped up what I currently had for you guys to try.

7 thoughts on “Beta #2

  1. Finally i did some laptimes on this new beta. Well, looks really good and accurate, i really like track mesh, looks great. Some constructive critics:
    -Textures: imho are a bit polished, needs to improve it a bit more. Needs a bit more “photo reality”. Take a look on Virtua_LM tracks or Culmone67 works, imho those are fantastic.
    -Trees: i don’t like it, looks unreal 😀 too much cartoonish.
    -Strange object along kettle bottoms (you can see it up on the car).
    -Strange bump just before climb finish on main straight; testing with F430 GT (Enduracers Mod) i feel a little jump, not sure if is it real
    -Track looks a bit flat, i don’t know really well real track but i don’t feel any bump along track.
    If needed i can do some screenshots for to give you better infos about my critics 😀

    I really like your work, looks great, and for sure is the best Road America available for rFactor. I hope you’ll continue your work. If you need more feedback, i’m here! 😀

  2. Just turned some laps…very nice work! Hopefully you will find the time to see it through to the end…its great to see this excellent track get the attention it deserves.

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