Work resumed

I have had some work-intense time lately with the end of my semester and the apparently necessary exams. I have now only one to go next week but some free time before that one starts so I finally got some time to work on the track a bit. The newest addition is the gridding (?) wooden hut at the very beginning of the pitlane. There’s still some work to do but I should have three or four weeks that will be relatively free of other work in march/april to finish up some of the essential stuff I want to do on the track. The missing pit buildings are one part, the road textures and all the ad boards another. Not to forget the tirewalls. There’s still lots to do but I’m back working on it.

4 thoughts on “Work resumed

  1. I’ve done a few laps in a Renault F1 car and its so good that I can finally fell what its like to drive in an F1 car and what it would be like if Bernie wanted th US GP there.


  2. So do you have any screens you can show us ,just nosey about how things are going 😉


  3. Any news yet? Still looking forward to this release. After doing more laps last night my only thoughts on what really needs fixing is the elevation at Billy Mitchell. From Canada Corner being the lowest point, the crest of the highest point should be the apex at Billy Mitchell if not slightly after. Currently the elevation crests way too early (at turn in).

  4. ethone I sure hope everything is ok for you ,things are very quite here for a long time .


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