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New road texturing

Thanks for the continued interest you guys showed in the track. Well, it made me go back to working on the track to at least get it to the point where I'm not ashamed of it anymore. ;)
First thing that I have done to achieve that is re-do the road textures and add some variety.
I checked what reference material I had on those patches against some clips from the Nationwide race and noticed that they were barely visible. Or to be more accurate: Not visible at all. I still included them however and assumed they faded a lot but are still visibleĀ  on the track, just not on the video. From the reconstruction photos, the photos you guys sent me I know that some and which parts of the track are newer and should be darker.
Was anyone at the track lately? Have the new parts faded so much already that you can't make them out anymore?
Anyway, it's a start. :)

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  1. Hi ethone ,great to see you are still working on the track I was getting scared it was going to be still born like so many tries for GPL .I was just there last weekend for the June Sprints but I wasn’t really looking at the racing surface that much, but I would say that the patch’s have faded some but I wouldn’t stress on that to much;-)


  2. I raced last weekend at the Sprints as well. The new areas are definitely less noticeable since when they were new, but there are certain patches just off of the apex of several corners that are black. Mainly they were in turns 5, 6, & 8 where I needed to aim for them since they had significantly more traction than the rest of the corner. I’ll see if I can post a lap for you to see.

  3. Here’s a lap from qualifying.

  4. I just come around and want to say that i’m very happy to see you continuing on this fantastic track :)

    The patches are looking very natural.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Keith, are there noticable bumps on the edges of the patches or is it mostly the grip levels that differ between the normal road and the patches?

  6. On the patches mentioned, just the grip levels are different. Please don’t forget to take a look at the elevation at turn 13. From corner 12, there is a constant incline until it flattens out at the access road after turn 13.

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