Developer's Diary Some words on track design and just generally 3d modelling


Work done today (2014-09-26)

- built curbs for the two left handers at Corvette corner and maison blanche
- added sleeping policement at Corvette corner



Work done today (2014-08-21)

Still working on Mulsanne. Such a small change to the base layout but so much to re-build because of it...

- modelled some of the terrain around the roundabout
- added the first few white lines as separate layers (the ones converging onto the track from the roundabout)- placed the bollards at the inside of the turn


Work done today #4 (2014-08-15)

A quick one:
- created and place background plane for making changes at Mulsanne.


Work done today (2014-08-10)

- repaved approach to Indianapolis corner and the corner itself. Wanted to get rid of the "edge" running on the middle of the track which does not exist in real life
- rebuilt the guardrails on the left hand side from the right kink before Indianapolis all through the turn, up to the crossroads
- removed trees/bushes/treewall on the left side of Indianapolis for further work
- started rebuilding runoff at Indianapolis with some good progress on the access roads and gravel trap

Today was a good day.


Good News Part 1

If you read the readme of Fuji, you will have noticed a reference to Zephyr RU. He went to the track this year and took a bunch of incredibly useful photos.
On top of that, he was so happy with having Fuji for rF2 that he now sent me the track magazines from the Super GT and Formula Nippon races, as well as an issue of a Japanese motorsports magazine after Kamui Kobayashi's third place finish at Suzuka.

Call me happy! This is the single most unique and enjoyable "thank you" I've gotten for modding in a long time.

Thank you Zephyr RU. You made my day. :)

(Also: Yes, that's my racing "rig" and modding machine.)

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